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  • 产品名称: JY-96G Gene amplification instrument

Technical Specifications

Capacity: 96×0.2ml

Temp. Range: 0~100(Rt≤30)

Gradient Temp. Range: 30~99.9,Gradient Difference:1~30

Maximum heating rate: ≥5/s

Maximum cooling rate : ≥4.5/s

Time increasing/decreasing: 1~120s,enable to do Long PCR experiment

Temp. increasing/decreasing: 0.1~10.0,enable to do Touchdown PCR experiment

Temp. Rate adjustable: Yes

Temp. Control: Sample Block\Module Tube

Max no. of step:40,can multiple nesting cycle

Sample block temp. Uniformity: ≤±0.2(in 30s after reach to setting temp.)

Sample block temp. Accuracy: ≤±0.2(30~100)

Programs Storage: 120(can download programs without limit by U disk)

Gradient Temp. Accuracy: ≤0.3(35~99.9)

Gradient Temp. Uniformity: ≤0.3((30s after reach to setting temp.)

Gradient Temp. Point spread: 12 columns(vertical)

Power-off protection: Yes

4Heating Preservation: Yes  

Hot Lid Temperature: 30~50(adjustable)

Hot Lid height: Step less Adjustable(pressure auto-suit to various PCR tubes and disks)

Hot Lid auto-shutdown function: Sample block≤30or program ends

Communication Port: USB2.0, RS232

VolumeL×W×H: 245×300×280mm

Weight: 8.0kg



Designed with the latest and most advanced peltier-based semiconductor technology;

Fine tuning hot lid, suitable to various consumptive materials;

Large 5.7’’ high-definition LCD display, real-time display process by curvilinear figure;

Direct and friendly user inter face, quick and easy for programming;

More convenient for gradient optimizing and saving reagent time.

Optional block and tube temperature control modes;

User interface in both English and Chinese, easy to operate for domestic and abroad users;

Beautiful and Generous, solemn and creative surface design;

Human optimal design, enable to quick and easy operate.

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