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  • 产品名称: JY-Pulse System Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis System

Pulsed field electrophoresis is performed by alternately changing the electric field between pairs of different spatial azimuth electrodes, changing the directions of DNA molecules of the millions of bases and passing the agarose gel pores at different migration rates to separate the DNA.


Pulsed field electrophoresis system is mainly used for the separation and analysis of genomic DNA, which can detect and isolate 100bp-6Mb size DNA molecules, mainly used in the separation of chromosomal DNA; large fragment genome library construction, identification and analysis; transgenic research; pathogenic microorganisms Identification, traceability; DNA radiation damage and repair; cell apoptosis and other fields.


The JY-Pulse System model pulsed-field electrophoresis system is the latest upgrade product on base of JY-600MCS-3, which has been well-known for its original reputation. The performance of the JY-Pulse System is as follows:


• Voltage gradient: ±1.0V / cm ~ ±9.5V / cm

• Fixed pulse width range: 1~99999s

• Incremental pulse width range: 0.01~99.99s

• Avariety of incremental modes, suitable for exploring different DNA fragments of the experimental results.

• Multi-function clock with leap year and daylight saving time correction.

• Digital key and shortcut key setting function.

• Setting correction and program correction function.

• Pause / Recovery run function.

• Recording power off time and intelligent recovery function.

• Recording experimental datas function.

• Molding electrode frame, with Φ0.5mm platinum electrode, deformation resistant, long life service, to ensure stable experimental effiviency.

• Temperature detection: directly detect the temperature of buffer.Tolerance: <±0.1 .

• Classic program database and free database-upgraded service for free.

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